About Kalyani Government Engineering College


The mission of Kalyani Government Engineering College is to impart quality technical education to the students at the undergraduate and at the postgraduate levels of engineering with the aim to make them complete human beings possessing depth of knowledge not only in their own discipline but also in the kindred areas, which shall necessarily be accompanied by a wide mental horizon making them capable of sifting the grain from the chaff, the honesty from the chicanery, the truth from the untruth.


The vision of Kalyani Government Engineering College is to produce high quality, globally competitive technical manpower and to become a centre of excellence in a few select areas of high-end technologies. It also envisages to act as an incubation cell for entrepreneurship activities in the region in association with the industry houses of the locality and outside. Keeping pace with the global technological developments through continuing education programmes is its another cherished ambition.