Department of Mechanical Engineering

Head of the Department

Prof. (Dr.) Santanu Das

From the head of the department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has taken a lead role in the college since its inception in the year of 1995. The Department has taken active role in upgrading the academic credentials of the college by introducing the first Master of Technology course in Production Engineering in this college in 2003. The department is also chosen as a Centre by the Institution of Engineers (India) for conducting laboratory classes towards AMIE examination. Two National Conferences were successfully organized by the Department in 2003 and in 2007, apart from organizing a number of Seminars, Workshops, Invited Lecturers, Training Courses, etc. for academic improvement of teachers, students and staff of this college, and also for other colleges around. Out of the quality Project works at the UG, PG and Ph.D level offered in the Department, good number of publications have been made in National and International Journals and Conferences to indicate its high standard. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is also undertaking testing and consultancy works regularly as per need of the industry.