Dear all, I am glad to inform that, Humanities is one of the major disciplines being offered in this college since the outset of this college, in the year 1995, with approval from the All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi, India. Two courses are offered in the department: Undergraduate (B.Tech) and Postgraduate (M.Tech). The strength of the department is it’s faculty members. The department has a strong group of 9 faculty members with a balanced combination of experienced as well as young blood. The department is equipped with a number of laboratories to cater the need of laboratory courses. All the faculty members are engaged in active research work and can ably guide the students in the classes and project works. A good number of sponsored projects are either carried out or being executed at present. Faculty members also publish good quality research papers frequently. Our students are our real strength. Incumbents in our department are top quality students admitted through WBJEE merit list. In past academic years, all of our students have been picked up by reputed companies. We have excellent network facility in the department also. Hope, the Department will continue to show excellence in future.


To be a department of eminence in teaching learning process and research that produces across-the-board global professionals with profound technical knowledge, strong computational background, human and entrepreneurial qualities for significant contribution to the society.


To endeavor cutting-edge computational and technical knowledge through innovative ICT based teaching-learning process. To develop academic as well as an industry-oriented cutting-edge global research framework. To inculcate strong leadership quality with lifelong learning appetite. To endure human values and ethos among students through socio-economic and community development activities.

Subjects offered by the Department of Humanities

  1. Biology for Engineers (BSBIO301, BSEE301, BSB401, BSC401)
  2. Values & ethics in profession (HMEE401, HU401, HU501).
  3. Ethics in business profession (MCANE105E)
  4. Environment and Ecology (HU401, MCANE105A)
  5. Environmental Science (MC401, MCEE401, MC481, MC381)
  6. Essence of Indian Knowledge Tradition (MC-501)
  7. English (HMHU201)
  8. Language Laboratory (HMHU291)
  9. Effective Technical Communication (MCHU581, HMHU501)
  10. Soft Skill and Interpersonal Communication (MCAN190)
  11. Soft Skill Development (HSHU481)
  12. Organizational Behaviour (OECIT601B, OECCSE601B, HU801, HU801A)
  13. Principles of Management (HSHU701, HMEE701)
  14. Economics for Engineers (HM601, HSHU 601, HMHU701, HSMC301, ME801(HU))
  15. Constitution of India (MC601, MCANE105C, MCEE301, MCCS501, MCIT501
  16. Operations Research (HM-HU601)
  17. Human Resource Management (OE-EC506C)
  18. Teaching and Research Methodology (PGCSE301B, M.Tech(CSE))
  19. Introduction to Management (EMM301, M.Tech(EE))
  20. Mini Project/Training (PWME681 (B.Tech, ME) and PEM281 (M.Tech, PE))
  21. Value Education (AC-PEM201E, M.Tech (PE))

Specialized Subjects offered by the department of Humanities

  1. Project Management and Entrepreneurship (HSMC701)
  2. Introduction to Industrial Management (HSMC501)
  3. Universal Human Values (MC681)
  4. Operations Research (MCE302B, M.Tech (ECE))
  5. Project Management (OEME701B)
  6. Cost Management (OE301C, M.Tech (PE))
  7. Research Methodology and IPR (MCPEM105, M.Tech (PE))
  8. Introduction to Management Information Systems (PEPEM301B, M.Tech (PE))
  9. Production and Operations Management (PEPEM104G, M.Tech (PE))
  10. Planning and Control of Production Systems (PE-PEM104A, M.Tech(PE))
  11. Supply Chain Management (PE-PEM301A, M.Tech (PE))
Extending human touch is indispensable in every walk of our life and so, the department of Humanities, Kalyani Government Engineering College, has taken the lead in emanating the warmth of human mind of their students so that they can wrap it with their technical knowledge in their workplaces. The faculties of this department are focused to develop the primordial pansophy in students which enables them to create a powerful and potential panacea to make holistic, eclectic, exotic and globally competitive decision making process. The faculties are involved in publications in Technical Research Journals and also participating in National and International Conferences to remain tuned with the recent advancements of the job-market in order to fulfill the objective of creating a sophisticated standard of the department.

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Dr. Sourabh Kumar Das

HOD, Humanities

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